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***$6.99 Per Tree***

1 Year Old.

The American Elm is a popular, fast growing tall tree with a symmetrical, recognizable shape. It provides non invaseve roots and can grow very well in most conditions. It develops a large canopy that provides excellent shade for rural and residential properties. You will commonly see this tree lining city streets.

Minimum Order-25 Trees.

American Elm - 6" - 17"

  • Trees must be purchased in quantities of 25. When you select a quantity of 1, that is pricing for 25 trees.


    1-25 trees

    2-50 trees

    3-75 trees

    Trees are a final sale. We do not offer a return policy on saplings. Please contact us prior to purchasing if you have questions regarding quantites, or growing conditions. We are happy to provide you with a plan for your landscaping needs.


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