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Scientific Name: Picea abies

Zone: 2-7

Height: 39m (130 ft)

Spread: 8m (25 ft)

Moisture: dry, normal

Light: partial shade, full sun

Growth Rate: fast

Life Span: long (over 100 yrs.)

Maintenance: low

Suckering: none

In Row Spacing: 3m (10-15 ft)

Between Row Spacing: 5m (16-20 ft)

Norway Spruce is a large pyramidical, fast-growing (2'-3' per year) evergreen that has dark green needles and slightly drooping branches. They will thrive in a variety of climates, but need adequate moisture in areas where it's really hot and dry. Norway Spruce are widely used in shelterbelts and windbreaks because of their large spreading root system and flexible wood.



Scientific Name: Picea pungens glauca

Zone: 2-7

Height: 27m (90 ft)

Spread: 6m (20 ft)

Moisture: dry, normal

Light: partial shade, full sun

Growth Rate: slow (6-12" per year)

Life Span: long (over 100 yrs.)

Maintenance: low

Suckering: none

In Row Spacing: 3m (10-15 ft)

Between Row Spacing: 5m (16-20 ft)

Colorado Blue Spruce is characterized by its green, bluish green or bluish silver needles that are about 1 inch long and very "pokey". Blue Spruce is a very hardy species of spruce and will tolerate a variety of different climate and soil conditions. It is very drought tolerant and can withstand hot dry summers. They are excellent trees for shelterbelts and windbreaks due to their large spreading root system and tough flexible wood.



Scientific Name: Pinus stobus

Zone: 2-7

Height: 30m (98 ft)

Spread: 9m (30 ft)

Moisture: normal

Light: partial shade, full sun

Growth Rate: fast

Life Span: long (over 100 yrs.)

Maintenance: low

Suckering: none

In Row Spacing: 3m (10-15 ft)

Between Row Spacing: 5m (16-20 ft)

White Pine is long lived, fast growing pine, native to Eastern Canada. This Pine is characterized by its size and beauty, with long bluish green needles and straight trunk it makes a great ornamental tree or is suitable for the interior row of a shelterbelt paired with Spruce. 



Scientific Name: Pinus Mugo Rostrata 

Zone: 2-7

Height: 4m (13 ft)

Spread: 2m (7 ft)

Moisture: normal

Light: Full sun

Growth Rate: Medium

Life Span: long (over 100 yrs.)

Maintenance: low

Suckering: none

In Row Spacing: 3m (6-12 ft)

Between Row Spacing: 5m (16-20 ft)

* Great for windbreaks and shelterbelts.

Colmnar Blue Spruce.jpg



Narrow upright growth habit for small spaces.  Blue needle color.

Ponderosa Pine.jpg


Height 16m / Spread 6m

Cylindrical shaped pine with attractive cinnamon bark and 3 long, green needles.

Black Hills Spruce.jpg


Height 29m / Spread 12m

is a large evergreen tree that is slow growing and smaller compared to white spruce varieties. With its dense, hardy needles, Black Hills spruce can help to prevent soil erosion and add shade to your landscaping.

Scotts Pine.jpg


Height 13m / Spread 5m 

Pyramidal shapes pine tree with bluish-green, sharp needles.  Attractive orange bark color on older trees.

White Spruce.jpg


Height 15m / Spread 5m 

Native tree with a pyramidal growth habit.  Very hardy spruce with shorter, softer needles and smaller cones than Colorado spruce.  Likes moist soil and tolerates partial shade better than Colorado Spruce.


the term deciduous  means "falling off at maturity" and "tending to fall off", in reference to trees and shrubs that seasonally shed leaves, usually in the autumn; to the shedding of petals, after flowering; and to the shedding of ripe fruit.

Swedish Aspen.jpg

Swedish Aspen

Height 12m / Spread 2m

Columnar shape for planting in rows. Green leaves turn fine amber fall color.

Schubert Chokecherry.jpg

Schubert Chokecherry

Height 9m / Spread 4m

New foliage emerges green and matures to purple in summer for color contrast.

Snowbird Hawthorn.jpg

Snowbird Hawthorn

Height 6m / Spread 3m

Glossy green, serrated leaves.  Double white flowers in June, followed by red ornamental fruit.

Foothills Green Ash.jpg

Foothills Green Ash

Height 15m / Spread 8m

Seedless selection of Green Ash. Oval form, bright gold fall color.  Great for shades or streets and is low maintenance.

Dolgo Crabapple.jpg

Dolgo Crabapple

Height 6m / Spread 5m

Green foliage with white flowers followed by red, edible crabapples for jelly.

American Elm.jpg

American Elm

Height 20m / Spread 15m

Vast-shaped canopy with toothed foliage which turns yellow in the fall.


Bur Oak

Height 10m / Spread 8m

Hardiest oak for this climate zone as it is native to the eastern prairies.  Slow growing tree has unique acorns & lobed leaves with yellow fall leaf in color.

Thunderchild Flowering Crab.jpg

Thunderchild Flowering Crab

Height 5m / Spread 3.5m

Purple foliage, pink flowers and ornamental crab.  Hardy & resistant to fire blight.

Showy Mountain Ash.jpg

Showy Mountain Ash

Height 6m / Spread 4.5m

Compact oval tree with scarlet fall color, showy white flowers & orange berries.

Paper Birch.jpg

Paper Birch 

Height 12m / Spread 5m

Native tree with attractive bark and yellow fall leaf color.  Likes moist soil & sun.

Laurel Leaf Willow.jpg

Laurel Leaf Willow

Height 12m / Spread 10m

Broad tree. Glossy foliage. Keeps leaves late.  Hardiest willow tree for prairies.

Dropmore Linden.jpg

Dropmore Linden

Height 7.5m / Spread 5.5m

Prairie hardy selection of Linden is a hybrid cross between American and Little-leaf Linden.  Dense, pyramidal shape with cordate leaves and yellow fall color.

Towering Poplar.jpg

Towering Poplar

Height 12m / Spread 2.5m

Fast growing, columnar tree.  Male clone.  Pointed leaves, white undersides.  Super hardy plant with same narrow characteristics of the Swedish Columnar Aspen.

Big River Flowering Crab.jpg

Big River Flowering Crab

Height 5m / Spread 2.5m

Bronze-green foliage with pink flowers in spring.  Hardy upright form.

Japenese Tree Lilac.jpg

Japanese Lilac Tree

Height 12m / Spread 5m

clusters of white, fragrant flowers are about a foot long and 10 inches wide. They have a lovely shape that looks great in shrub borders or as specimens.

Patmore Green Ash.jpg

Patmore Green Ash

Height 15m / Spread 6m

Seedless selection of Green Ash.  Upright growing with dark green leaves.  Yellow foliage in fall.  Great for shade or streets.  Low maintenance.

Goldon Willow.jpg


Height 12m / Spread 8m

Bright golden bark retained all year for good winter color, Semi-weeping habit.

Brandon Elm.jpg

Brandon Elm

Height 15m / Spread 10m

Smaller, more compact form of American Elm.  Good street or shade tree.


Assiniboine Poplar

Height 12m / Spread 6m 

Upright growing tree with noticeable leaf buds.  Good disease resistance.

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